If you’re a fan of Captain Nat, you know he was one of the most prolific watercraft designers ever. In 1928, he wrote in his notes that his latest design, half-hull model #204, “a pleasure Sailing Keel Boat” was “to take the place of the Buzzard’s Bay Boys Boat.” The Buzzards’s Bay Boat is known as the 12 ½, and was designed in 1914. But this improved 12 ½  was never built in his lifetime and sat unnoticed for nearly 80 years.

Until now. Working in collaboration with Herreshoff Designs and in true Bristol fashion, Dan Shea of Bristol Boat Company is building this long forgotten boat with expert craftsmanship from NGH notes.

NGH’s impact on boat-building history will once again be seen as hull #1 is nearly complete. The design will be known as the Herreshoff 20 (H-20). With greater sailing abilities and a deeper, bigger and drier cockpit, principle dimensions are:

You could be a part of this exciting legend as the new owner of an H-20! Contact us for more details on single deliveries or even class fleets! And check out Bristol Boat Company at www.bristolboatcompany.com

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Video from the first sail: